Buat ngelatih spelling — espeak
Buat ngeliat ls secara scroll — ls | less
Buat ngeliat isi file secara scroll ( selain cat ) — less filetext.txt
Buat melihat gambar dari command line — eog filename.extension

“You can give Gedit the memory of an elephant when it comes to the recent files listed on its File menu. Open gconf-editor and navigate to /apps/gedit-2/preferences/ui/recents and change max_recents on the right to virtually any number you wish. About 10 is a sensible number, but 20 or 30 are possible. “

“Disable wallpaper on nautilus buka gconf-editor – apps – nautilus – preference, lalu disana ada tulisan background_filenames. Hapus aja isi filename backgroundnya ;)”

Settingan fstab vfat bisa rewrite semua user “/dev/sda5 /media/D vfat auto,rw,user,sync,exec,dev,suid,uid=500,gid=500,umask=000 0 0”

Untuk menghilangkan drive icon in desktop di gconf-editor pada bagian apps \ nautilus \ desktop, di bagian volume visible di unchek list ….