It’s very interesting with curl. We can grab part of webpage to our system with it. Without courtesy, let’s go to the field

curl -s | grep -A 2 “<h2 class=\”title\”>”|awk -F “title=\”” ‘{print $2}’|awk ‘/./’ |awk -F “\”>” ‘{print $2}’|cut -d “<” -f1  >> $HOME/linuxJournal ;echo “************* “`date` >> $HOME/linuxJournal;printf “\n” >> $HOME/linuxJournal; cat $HOME/linuxJournal

curl -s : we take the web source
grep -A 2 : we take X word with 2 line after it.
awk -F X : we put the X as a separator
awk ‘/./’ : clear the empty lines
cut -d “<” : clear the < sign.